2008 ICSDA Combatives Conference - May 23 - 25, Chicago, IL

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    I will be teaching at the 2008 ICSDA Windy City Combatives Conference.

    I'll be teaching "Applied Flexible Weapons."

    The rest of the event looks interesting, too. I don't know any of the other instructors but they have solid biographies so it should be a good event.

    You can see the flyer here.

    A summary of the details:

    D. W. Ram Bldg., "Team One" MMA School, 18530 S. Spring Creek Dr., Tinley Park, IL

    Friday (5/23): 7 PM - 10 PM
    Sat & Sun (5/24 & 5/25): 8:30 AM - 5 PM

    Preregister by 4/30 - PayPal to FDVargas0351@aol.com
    $40 for Friday night
    $99 for Sat & Sun (combined, not each)
    $120 for all 3 days

    After 4/30: $60 / day

    Special Group Rate: $1000 for up to 20 people

    Material to bring:
    26 inch stick
    36 inch stick
    Knife trainer
    Bring your own or buy gear at the door for $15

    Friday night will be "Spirit Tora Combatives" with Guest Instructor Criso Lopez - hand to hand, edged weapons and pistol tactics.

    Saturday & Sunday will have a host of instructors (14 total) teaching a variety of subjects including Ground Survival, LEO Control Holds, Tactical Knife Combatives, Special Operations Combatives, Police Baton Tactics ... and quite a bit more.


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