About MartialTalk

MartialTalk began as the discussion forum for a regional martial arts information site in July 2001. It rapidly outgrew its parent and in early 2002 absorbed the parent. MartialTalk has become one of the leading destinations for the martial artist seeking information, advise, training opportunities or just fellowship with their fellow martial artists.

With over 16,000 members, and over 1.4 Million posts, MartialTalk is one of the leading general martial arts forums. But that's not all.

MartialTalk's full range of features include:
  • A highly trafficked discussion forum
  • A developing Video Library
  • A reference library containing a rowing number of documents, FAQ's and more
  • A respected e-zine
  • Web site design and hosting services
  • and much more!
MartialTalk is one of the few sites to have an Advisory Board consisting of high ranked and highly respected martial artists from various styles. The advisory boards purpose is to make recommendations on how MartialTalk can better meet its goals of preserving, supporting and promoting the arts.

MartialTalk is owned by Forum Foundry, and administered by an all volunteer staff.
MartialTalk is supported by member donations and advertising, fund raising and the proceeds of its various services.

MartialTalk continues to grow and evolve. New features are constantly under consideration to help enhance our members experience. We hope that you enjoy your visit, and perhaps find a new online home here.

Thank you.

-The MartialTalk Staff-


MartialTalk is currently running on vBulletin forum software on a Linux server.

As of this writing, it has has over 16,000 members, 95,000 topics and 1,400,000 posts on its forums.

Each month an average of 85 Gigabytes of data is transferred, and over 2,600,000 pages are served to its over 250,000+ monthly visitors.

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