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Jan 8, 2006
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North American Tectonic Plate
Not one I wojld choose a 2nd time

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Xue Sheng

All weight is underside, from North American Tectonic Plate

Relax..... but not to much......sung Jun 26, 2019

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Jul 18, 2019 at 2:14 PM
    1. seasoned
      I value your input, and enjoy your posts with their sprinkle of humor. The lighter side of life is always good.
    2. Nebuchadnezzar
      A Chen said that Tai Chi as a martial art is dead? Which one?
    3. Nebuchadnezzar
      Oh I wasn't talking about Tai Chi, I was referring to the Northern Eagle Claw. I felt good after Tai Chi and slept VERY well that night. Ying Jow Pai is going to hurt. Tomorrow based on the schedule is a conditioning and flexibility day.

      I'm scared!!!! :uhyeah:

      I'll let you know how it goes.
    4. Nebuchadnezzar
      I start training Ying Jow Pai on Thursday. Second Wu Tai Chi will start soon. Here comes the pain. :mst:
    5. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      I use to do a Wu style form and I liked it, I learned it from my first sifu. But if I train Wu absolutely everything starts to look like Wu so I stopped training it. I believe the form I did was a competition form based on Northern Wu. I believe what Leung Shum teaches is Southern Wu which is what the Wu family (now based in Canada) teaches today. There is another Sifu in NYC that was certified to teach Wu by the Wu family, Jeffery To, but I know nothing about he is listed on the Wu family site.

      Not knowing Jeffery To and there is an allegedly Northern Wu style teacher in NYC as well, but I am not sure about that one to be honest. I would go with Sifu Leung

      I'll PM you more
    6. Nebuchadnezzar
    7. Nebuchadnezzar
      Yep, he's Eagle Claw. According to his bio, he got is Wu Style while at studying at Chin Woo in Hong Kong. I start on December 2nd.
    8. Nebuchadnezzar
      Circumstances have put me in the position of not training Hung Ga. Blame the evil NY MTA! I just signed up for Wu style Tai Chi at a school run by one of Sifu Leung Shum's authorized instructors here in Brooklyn. Back to moving slowly.
    9. Nebuchadnezzar
      Hey there! Hope all is well. Did you get anything from Beijing that is Olympics related?
    10. teekin
      You have Mind Monkey's?! KOOOLLL. Are they kinda like the ones in Chris from Family Guy's closet.? What a great expression.
    11. kidswarrior
      Thanks for the good wishes. And you thought you were getting old. :D
    12. shesulsa
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    North American Tectonic Plate
    Not one I wojld choose a 2nd time
    Martial arts over 40 years
    Taijiquan: Yang Taijiquan over 25 years, Sun Taijiquan, Xingyiquan

    Also trained Xingyiquan, Chénshì Taijiquan, a bit of Wu Taijiquan, dabble in Yǒng Chūn, a little Bāguàzhǎng and a tad of Yiquan/Dachengquan, Sanda, a bit of Changquan and a tiny bit of JKD. And if you go back far enough you get to pre-olympic TKD and Japanese Jujutsu too.


    If you are depressed you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present.
    --Lao Tzu

    - One of the last of the original Four Heroic Cynical Curmudgeons
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