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Jun 19, 2018 at 8:48 PM
Jan 8, 2006
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North American Tectonic Plate
time for a change

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Xue Sheng

Sr. Grandmaster, from North American Tectonic Plate

meanwhile.... I'm still thinking May 23, 2018

Xue Sheng was last seen:
Jun 19, 2018 at 8:48 PM
    1. CrushingFist
      sent you a PM on my thoughts and my plan
    2. CrushingFist
    3. CrushingFist
      I will PM you better
    4. CrushingFist
      Great news my friend :) did you see the last PM i sent you ?
    5. furtom
      Anytime would be my pleasure.

      I had a few lessons in Xingyi from my former taiji sifu a few years ago. To be honest, I didn't get the whole thing, but I'd be the first to admit I wasn't exposed to enough to have an opinion. Also the teacher was great at taiji, but he himself just a student of Xingyi. So it wasn't a fair sample.

      I assume you know Alex Dong will be in the Hudson Valley in October?

    6. furtom
      Well, if and when I can get some Chen going, I'll let you know. For a while more I'm sticking with the program with the group. After we've gone through that form a bit more thoroughly, I'll see what I can do...

      Hey, XS, you are really a great proponent of CIMA on this site. Also, we had a private exchange a few years ago about taiji, Ren Guangyi and Chu Gin Soon if I recall. It's too bad we're not in the same place. It would be a pleasure to train with you.
    7. furtom
      Well, I've been dying to learn Chen. Most of my Taiji experience before now has been in the garden variety Yang or Cheng-Man Ching line (which is ubiquitous in NY and quite good). But I tell you, one thing I'm realizing more each day is that the style is not nearly as important as the teacher.
    8. furtom
      "Xue Sheng," the eternal student? :)
    9. CrushingFist
      I am looking for another Yiquan schools since supposely Dr.Kan (Yiquan) doesn't have a set date when he starts teaching again this year from the email I received. Do you know of any others?
      Calling Strider Clark today (Yin Chen Gong Fa)
      What do you think about the Black Taoist & Tom Bisio?
    10. CrushingFist
      Haven't checked out any, been busy training in this new job now to finally get my schedule. So the past 4 weeks been working 10a-6p & 12p-8p so lets see how my normal schedule would be probably 8a-4p.
      Other than that, I emailed the YiQuan guy back he told me to get back to him to know so I can know when will Dr.Kan exact date for new classes but haven't heard back from him. Then I got an email from Strider Clark the weekend of the HUrricane Irene and I emailed him back with my contact info, but I haven't gotten a call from him but I will call him this week.
    11. CrushingFist
      whats up man
    12. CrushingFist
      Great news man, so Strider Clark emailed me back :) he teaches Yin Cheng Gong Fa arts as well as Tongbei (guess Tongbei is his main art from that website u gave me) and also because he is the president of the Tongbei Association. But he's VP of YCGF. He's in Manhattan he says, but his website said Pennsylvania but I asked him if he knew of anyone in NYC/NJ.
    13. CrushingFist
      What does it means to train martial arts during the cultural revolution though ?
    14. CrushingFist
    15. CrushingFist
      Interesting, well def gotta go see all the potential schools, talk with the teachers, see the tuition, schedule, can't wait really excited
    16. CrushingFist
      Thanks, I got your pm I signed up on that site looks very good :)
      I found dachengdao.com Grandmaster Wang Rengang has a school in Queens?
      I also found newyorkyiquan.com which is Dr.Kan that teaches in Central Park (close to me)
      I've emailed Strider Clark and Clayton Shiu for more info on NYC (Tongbei & Yin Cheng Gong Fa)
    17. CrushingFist
      So Strider Clark is Yin Cheng Gong Fa or just Tongbein ? Thats where I got lost
      But wow YiQuan or Yin Cheng Gong Fa would be the sweetest deal for me.
    18. CrushingFist
      Hey, you know I actually been looking for a school for years Yin Cheng Gong Fa which suppose to teach Wu style Taiji Quan; Yin, Cheng, and Liu styles of Bagua Zhang; Hebei style
      Xingyi Quan; Shi style Baiyuan Tongbei Quan; Changquan and basic gongfu training; and Qigong. But not sure of their cirriculum
      i saw in the Baiyuan Tongbei Quan site u gave me it says is a branch of Yin Cheng Gong Fa.
    19. CrushingFist
      Thanks man will check it out .. let you know what I think

      I just started a new job this week and training been intense, really tired and adapting to day shift now.

      Hope you get better from your injuries (boy they suck) !
    20. CrushingFist
      Never made it to train in Yangjia but I did try a class and it was greatest experience of my life. But I might have to give the NY Yangjia reps a call since I haven't gotten a response via email.
      I'm glad you're back in training, what injury and how ?
      Things are getting better for me thanks god.
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    North American Tectonic Plate
    time for a change
    Martial arts over 40 years
    Taijiquan: Yang, over 25 years

    Also trained Xingyiquan, some Chénshì Taijiquan, dabble in Yǒng Chūn, Wu Taijiquan and done a little Bāguàzhǎng, Sanda, a bit of Changquan and a tiny bit of Dachengquan/Yiquan, and a bit of JKD too


    - logical, reasoned thought - may have made life easier to live, it is the heart-mind that make it worth living
    - One of the last of the original Four Heroic Cynical Curmudgeons
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