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Nov 7, 2013
Jul 24, 2008
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If it neighs, bites and kicks I work with it.

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3rd Black Belt, from Winterpeg

teekin was last seen:
Nov 7, 2013
    1. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      I'm diggin' on the new colors!
    2. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      No, I just felt like saying a random crazy thing :P
    3. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      Devour your mattress, quickly!!!!
    4. JadeDragon3
      Hello, how are ya? All is good here. I haven't heard from ya in a while. Whats been goin' on?
    5. Touch Of Death
      Touch Of Death
      Wow I thought I had lost this message. I was panicing because i thought it was in the private messages and couldn't find it when I went to answer. LOL. Alas, I must confess I am not a sinsei or what have you. Just a student like you, but I have been doing it since I was ten; so, I guess that counts for something. LOL Eno is the bomb.
      Sean Wold AKA Touch of death
    6. Destiny77
      I am not paticipating in BJJ at the moment. I am interested in the sport but unfortunately I have no-one that shares my interest.
    7. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Nope not like Chris form the family guy but they can be annoying...if you let them
    8. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      Thanks for the add, Lori :)
    9. kidswarrior
      Yeah, I'd love to see picks of your ferocious *home security system*. :D Yes, many good people here. So glad you're one of them. ;) --Mark
    10. kidswarrior
      Lori, you so rock! And you've got some of my good friends as your friends--good taste. ;)
    11. jkembry
      Yep Lori...dogs are great....enjoy it. - Jeff -
    12. Jenna
      oooh Lori.. I can not even conceive of such a thing! We will have to procure one.. I bet you know a man who knows a man.. and we will slot it in the *** of my car (I can get anything to fit in there and no one will know - stealth like) I will remove the discs so there is no temptation to stop aha! Then easy handbrake at the lights.. some numpty in his WRX.. vrooommmm ... give it the stick.. woohoo.. byebye.. one pedal is all we need I think.. never, never stop :D J X
    13. Jenna
      Vrooommm, vrooommm, wheeeeeee!!! :D Jenna XOX
    14. teekin
      Well thanks, quite honestly after I blew up the first ant hill I thought of the fact that I had just spread the little buggers over a wider area. I would be happy to be your friend, I have to say I allways read your contributions as well. Thanks for the invite. I like the C & H avatar too. I think Calvin looks great in the Gi and shades. He does need a black belt however.
    15. Live True
      Live True
      Hey Grendel,
      I've thoroughly enjoyed several of your posts, and you have a fierce and wonderful insight! Welcome! Hope to see more of you (and love your avatar! -Live True (shana)
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    If it neighs, bites and kicks I work with it.
    finding that I have limits so working in them. My 1st choice is ground work and depending on my health karate if I can swing it.


    Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil. [​IMG] Nietzsche, Friedrich

    "The mind can calculate, the spirit yearns but
    the heart knows what the heart knows."
    Stephen King