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Nov 7, 2013
Jul 24, 2008
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If it neighs, bites and kicks I work with it.

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3rd Black Belt, from Winterpeg

teekin was last seen:
Nov 7, 2013
    1. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      Okay, starting next tuesday, I'm taking Chris lessons.......
    2. The Last Legionary
    3. Chris Parker
      Chris Parker
      Very cool, the classic version. I care too much for you and your well being to inflict something so utterly and purely cruel as to expose you to my "singing", it is a fate I desire not to inflict on even the lowest of my enemies.

      As for dancing, well, that is definately encouraged!
    4. Chris Parker
      Chris Parker
      Bonjour, bonsoir, et bon noel ma cherie...

      Morning as you wrote, evening as I read and reply. Oh, and no, my Christmas was rather tame, but New Years could be interesting... not for public consumption here, though. But absolutely agreed, you cannot spell "live" without "love". Oh, actually, yeah you can. But not for the most part, I mean, three quarters of it is there. But that last part is where all the important stuff is...
    5. seasoned
      Hi Lori, Thanks for stopping by, I sent you a short clip on GoJu. Please let me know if you got it. Thanks, Wes
    6. Chris Parker
      Chris Parker
      Jeez, that Andy's a little flirt, isn't he...?
    7. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      I hope you realize how quite awesome you are.
    8. Chris Parker
      Chris Parker
      Well, you may not be far off... I have a bit of a reputation at work and amongst my friends of just appearing without any warning, one minute I'm not there, the next I am. And I have a tendancy to always be where I need to be to "overhear" any information I need. So nothing really gets past me, and you never know if I'm there or not... kinda freaks out my workmates, honestly! I just think it's fun...
    9. Chris Parker
      Chris Parker
      Cheshire Cat? Well, at least I'm not the Doormouse... I might have thought the Caterpillar, or maybe the Walrus (you could be the Carpenter...). But I'm quite happy with Le Chat... I kinda like that for some reason...
    10. Chris Parker
      Chris Parker
      Hey Lori, just a little check in to say hi, hope all's well, and so on... so hi! Hope all's well! So on!

    11. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      Lori like, rocks and stuff.
    12. Flea
      Okay, but I call dibs on the champagne and strawberries! You can keep the remote this time though. :-P
    13. Jenna
      Haha I do not want your shop-soiled goods missy and but I will give you whatever help you need to bag that swag :) Hey after that then I will not see you for bedsheets then what, pffft. No that is too facile for us Lori, I want us to enjoy mysterious strangers and concoct a staggeringly complex and dangerous rouse that we will be renowned for after, sought and wanted and written about and portrayed by fancy actresses :D Ah but maybe that would not be feasible if you have more to lose and leave behind than I do :) Anyways, to dream.. night night angel Jenna xo :)
    14. Jenna
      Ooh Lori far east sounds fun and but I do not want to lose you to poppy powder nuh-uh and so let us pick Brazil, yay beach party: loud music, bbq fish, boogieboarding, rolling about on the sand and all over tans, then out on the motorcruiser for offshore fun then crash into town for a little latin evening, um, activity haha. And that is a motley crew you have picked.. we might have to take them by force under cover of night you understand :D Ah I do not even care who comes long as you are there I would let you take me anywhere :D Love and hugs to you angel :) Jenna :)
    15. Jenna
      Ah Lori-lori :) Romany how did you guess that??? Did I say? I do not remember saying? Spooky if you guessed, unless you are at your tealeaves, haha :) I know enough not to ask ;) Oh goodness yes yes yes you have caught me Lori in just exactly the mood I would cash in every last penny right this minute for that kind of adventure! See, YOU are the devilish miss I think :) Oh who will we round up?? You have no idea how much you have cheered me up Lori just to think of it. Oh do please type me back and tell me where we will go, yes?? :D Lots of love and hugs, Jenna xo :)
    16. Jenna
      Hello you :) I miss hearing from you you know, hope all is good? I hope you even see this. Take care L, wishes, Jenna :)
    17. matt.m
      Hello Lori,
      Hope you are doing well.
    18. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      May be going to do my chops and flops tonight, but have been invited to have dinner with a friend whom I am helping move( plus I'd get to see her cat too). I will ask if we can do that tomorrow, so idunno yet.,
    19. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      I doth lean upon my and my father's '52 Ford Mainline, indeed, that I didst help him restoreth.
    20. Andy Moynihan
      Andy Moynihan
      Don't they, though?
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    If it neighs, bites and kicks I work with it.
    finding that I have limits so working in them. My 1st choice is ground work and depending on my health karate if I can swing it.


    Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil. [​IMG] Nietzsche, Friedrich

    "The mind can calculate, the spirit yearns but
    the heart knows what the heart knows."
    Stephen King