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Apr 16, 2020
Mar 21, 2002
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Southern Calif.
District Attorney's Investigator (retired), martia

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John Bishop

Master Black Belt, from Southern Calif.

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Apr 16, 2020
    1. MarkC
      Sorry about that full inbox, sir, I neglected to delete some old messages!
    2. DennisBreene
      Master Bishop,
      I just ordered your second book and look forward to reading it. My sensei was James Roberts Sr., who studied under Master Emperado in Hawaii. Master Robert's lineage traces the 5 originators of Kajukenbo through William Kwai Sun Chow, Hoon Chow (? Kwai Sun Chow's father), to James Mitose. Does that correspond to your knowledge of the lineage?
      Thank you for any clarification you can provide.
      Dennis Breene
    3. Sifu Chambers
      Sifu Chambers
      What other Kajukenboist are on here?
    4. Hobberty
    5. Thomas Henderson
      Thomas Henderson
      Hello sir my name is Thomas Henderson. I am a freshly promoted Third Degree with leeward Kenpo Karate and I would just like to say that I have been reading all you comments and I like how you keep the peace so to speak with all the political arguments. Please keep up the good work. With deepest regards Thomas Henderson.
    6. TenTigers
      Mr. Bishop,
      yesterday I happened upon a post which listed (around) 12 Key Moves, or Key Techniques (or something) and how the concepts are then expanded and extrapolated on to form many other techniques. The list had the moves, then went on to list each move as sort of a heading, and then the techniques which branched out from them.
      I faveorited the post, and then today, it came up blank! I can't for the life of me, find this post, and I've been going through a gazzillion, and I'm crosseyed!
    7. Humble Student
      Humble Student
      Hi sir hope all is well
    8. cdhall
      Mr. Bishop, I just noticed you were the last visitor to my profile page I think. Can I call you sometime to discuss my business and how I might get to work with you in it or why you might like our services?

      I'd also like to ask you a bit about Kajukenbo. I think Dan Baker is around here somewhere and that he is highly regarded in your style and very well accomplished.

      Thanks in advance.
    9. chris_rabaya
      Dear MR. Bishop i have read your comments about Tony Bowles and I was wondering what the deal is? I started training with Sigung Tony Bowles when I was 5 and I stopped at 14 with my Brown w/ black stripe. I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy and I am looking Forward to going back to him to recieve my black belt, is there any reason I shouldn't go back to him? Please contact me with any info. I would greatly appreciate it.
      Chris Rabaya, USN
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    Home Page:
    Southern Calif.
    District Attorney's Investigator (retired), martia
    Student of Grandmaster Gary Forbach.


    John Bishop

    "The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Prevail, is for Good Men to Do Nothing" Edmond Burke

    Kajukenbo is NOT a; "if you can afford it, we will award it" system.
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