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My Road King with Touring pack and Donkey in back ground Custer Park - Driving through the park on way home - More Buffalo Mount Rushmore Wyoming Wildlife - I could not resist Not a fan of Seagulls but I thought the picture was good to test the camera. Roosevelt Devils Tower - Close up Lincoln Devil's Tower Before I left Washington Custer Park - Buffalo in the road This was one big Buffalo Mississippi in MN - Site of Lewis and Clark Expedition another try on the flower setting I found this picture interesting. I was playing with the settings of my new camera and I realized this was able to capture the small flower and the two insects on it.
  1. LawDog
    Nice Bike...
  2. LawDog
    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Wade
  3. LawDog
    Hey Law Dog how do I get those mods for my Road King? ;)

    Seriously, Nice Pic of you and the bike.

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