chew the cannibal

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  1. Sukerkin
    I have TWO??!?!?! Why duddn't anybody TELL me these things, I'm tired of working for a living :p
  2. Sukerkin
    :lol: Sadly, yet again, this is the car of my other brother-in-law-to-be. A glorious Skyline eating Escort Cosworth :D.
  3. Sukerkin
    "brother-in-law to be?"

    Those wedding bells I hear in Friend Mark's future?

    My condol-errr congratulations!! ;) :D
  4. Sukerkin
    Aye, it is so. We got engaged last October and now things are moving into that scary land of lists and venues :eek:.
  5. Sukerkin
    Man I miss the sight of the Cossie rear end - the picnic-table spoiler was just SO awesome *wistful silence* :) Good pic my friend :) Jenna

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