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Greenery Jared goes "AAhhhhhhh" Another towel Megs goes "wheeee..." Towel ... Path around the lake. ... a place to ponder ... They like me. :) They really like me. No children under four, eh? Guess this lady doesn't read too well. A feather floating ... They think they're going to get fed. "Hey, take a picture of our shadows." ...
  1. Sukerkin
    Note, tho' it's hard to see, that there hasn't been time to switch to slicks after the rain stopped with the result that Andy is about to do an unintended 'burn-out' off the line :eek:.
  2. Sukerkin
    Dick Johnson, that get's a laugh overhere Mate.
  3. Sukerkin
    I can well imagine :D. Two euphemisms for the price of one :).

    Just in case it is unknown, Dick Johnson is a very successful Australasian racing driver. That is one of his original cars that Andy now owns and he's offered an awful lot of money to buy it back.

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