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One plus one equals .... Greenery Jared goes "AAhhhhhhh" Another towel Megs goes "wheeee..." Towel ... Path around the lake. ... a place to ponder ... They like me. :) They really like me. No children under four, eh? Guess this lady doesn't read too well. A feather floating ... They think they're going to get fed. "Hey, take a picture of our shadows."
  1. Sukerkin
    I love Castles.

    I clearly need to own one!
  2. Sukerkin
    :) A sentiment I think we all would share (tho' the bills might be a bit high :D).
  3. Sukerkin
    I love that area, although Cholmondeley is a bit modern for my tastes. My wife and I were married on the battlements at Amberley.

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