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Kenpo seminar with GM Cogliandro April 2014  
Sophia and Ashley being promoted to Black belt and JR black belt! May 2014  
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American Kenpo and Modern Arnis seminars March 17, 2012 at Cromwell martial arts.  
American Kenpo and modern arnis seminars March 17, 2012  
East taunton kenpo karate modern arnis seminar by Sensei Shekosky Feb 25, 2012  
Knife defense training for law enforcement officers by Sensei Shekosky at Avon kempo and Aikido Hosted by Master Violante Feb 1, 2012  
Sifu Leonard and Sensei Shekosky at Modern Arnis seminar December 11, 2011 Swift Waters Self Defense Club  
Modern Arnis seminar at Corsello's kenpo karate December 3, 2011  
Modern arnis camp 1991 in MA  
Joint locking and pressure point seminar by Chris LaCava at Shekosky's Cromwell Martial Arts November 20, 2011  
AKI CT State Rep  
AKI Family Reunion Flyer  
AKI seminars Oct 22 2011  
CT Martial Arts Masters Honors March 2011  
Modern Arnis E. Hartford, CT August 13, 2011  
Black belt test judges June 2011  
Sensei Shekosky teaching at The Lunging Tiger Kids camp June 29, 2011  
Frank Shekosky modern arnis seminar in Fitchburg, MA June 25, 2011  
A great memory was meeting Muhammad Ali " The Greatest "  
S. George Pesare  
MARPPIO award  
Channel 3 kids camp sponsorship September 2010  
MARPPIO seminar September 2003  
Filipino martial arts seminar February 1997  
Joe Lewis seminar September 1998  
Training camp in NJ December 1993  
Filipino Martial Arts seminar June 1995  
Delaware Arnis - Jujitsu - pressure points training camp April 1993  
Mike Stone seminar March 1993  
East Coast Modern Arnis camp 1992 Advanced instructor cert  
Tim Hartman seminar November 1991  
American Kenpo seminar Feb 2011  
CT Modern Arnis patch  
Frank Shekosky and GM Tony Cogliandro 2011  
Preparing for battle!  
Frank Shekosky Modern Arnis seminar in Fitchburg, MA 12/11/2010  
Frank Shekosky Modern Arnis seminar in Fitchburg, MA December 11 , 2010  
Cromwell Martial Arts Demo team at Jensen's fun day October 2010  
Modern Arnis class by Frank Shekosky at Brassard's Family Martial Arts Center October 2010  
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