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Training and Teaching Kenpo pictures from 2004-Current

Training/Class Pictures

Updated Jan 18, 2011
Christie is going to be on the floor soon  
Go Christie Go!  
Christie is recieving a ridge-hand to the groin! OWW  
I have the feeling my wife will be on the floor soon!  
Some of my old students at a church karate ministry in '06 this picture is from one of the belt tests!  
Having a great time while teaching at the Annual KFCI Homecoming. Watching the participants and talking with Sensei Scott Catoe 5th Dan.  
Christie recieving her Orange Belt, many moons ago!  
Prayer is an integral part of the ministry with Karate for Christ International  
Karate for Christ International Black Belt Annual Homecoming 2010  
Block here, punch there, and presto...  
What a blessing to be on an organizational board with these guys/gals!  
Christie looks worried!  
another moment of me talking my mouth off!  
1024988097 img 3041  
block here, hit a two a three a floor!  
my Uke will be on the floor shortly!  
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Training and Teaching Kenpo pictures from 2004-Current


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