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S.H. Kang's TKD

Updated May 8, 2018
jump split kick  
Sept '83  
My sah bum nim, Master Hannah reciving his 5th dan certificate, and a plaque for becoming the first sah bum nim under Kwan Jang Sok Ho Kang, in the picture l-r are Master I.J. Kim, Master Sang Oh Moon, Kwan Jang Sok Ho Kang, and Master Chuck Hannah.  
Me, 7 concrete cap blocks  
multiculturalfair knife hand break '09  
multicultural fair  
family '91  
Me, 7 concrete cap blocks with a knife hand  
me, Elbow strike icebreak  
demo '99  
me '00  
jr olympics '97  
Me, Roundhouse "speed" break through 6 inch block of ice  
Master Chuck Hannah  
me 1st dan  
Me, flying side kick  
master hannah glass 2  
mom front kick  
Me, back wheel speed break through ice  
flying side kick  
nick dive roll  
flying side kick 5  
dive roll  
Master Chuck Hannah, circa 1983  
back crescent speed break  
ryan flying side kick  
scott anthony sparring  
Me after my 4th dan test with my father (left) and my Sah Bum Nim (center)  
anthony scissor  
My parents, Kwan Jang Sok Ho Kang, and myself after my 5th dan test.  
elbow speed break (my USTU days)  
mike bonyak  
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