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Just like I said...random photos.

Random photos

Updated Nov 18, 2010
This was actually a real stamp turned into a refrigerator magnet that I bought off of Ebay years ago.  
Jamie, Jasmine, & Elanor Lining them up according to height was not intentional, but I like it. : )  
Jamie and Jasmine as puppies.  
Hiking in Maine (by Katahdin Iron Works) as part of our honeymoon. It was so beautiful! We don't get the fall colors in the South.  
Chipmunk the pug (R.I.P.), Jasmine, Jamie, & Elanor. August 2008 Gustav evacuation.  
One of the many waterfalls.  
Baby Dust Bunny  
Our view from the ledge where we ate lunch.  
Me and new hubby.  
Playing around  
Not playing around  
Wedding pic  
My Elanor  
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