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Updated Jan 31, 2009
Me and Tony doing a demo at the Fair  
Ken Smith, I am in the back with my arms crossed  
Me being inducted into a Hall of Fame  
Me in my dress blues  
Me Dan Severn and Russel this was taken around 2001  
Me in my dress blues made the pic look old  
Me, Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, and Joe York  
my logo  
me in my ACU's holding my 249  
Me in CINC Guard uniform  
My instructor TA throwing me  
Me as a Minute man  
CINC Guard uniform again  
Me at work  
Me as a WWII soldier  
Me and Ken Shamrock  
Me and Stephen Hayes  
Me and my daughter  
Me KO'ing my student Tony  
Me about 12 years ago at a Tony Annesi seminar  
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