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Here's some attachments I've uploaded in posts during my stay here.

My uploads

Updated Jul 8, 2008
He could be a sweetie, too.  
What I used to drive. If it didn't overheat all the damn time, I'd like to drive it again!  
Here's a front view. He is a gorgeous dog.  
What I drive now.  
Koda the Siberian Husky. We took him in for about a month for a family in the throes of splitting. Poor animal had been babied muchly but also neglected - note the prominent pelvic bone protrusion. It is imperative to choose a breed suitable for your fa  
The Saturday test group and panel. Top row from left, DG, MH, Master Corona, CG, Mr. B, JKN S. Bottom row from left, NCG, me, MC and ?  
Here is a rose tattoo (yes, it was flash *sigh*) after Painless Ric re-drew the outline. I do like the outline on this tat - for me it brings out some definition. Next step: recoloring.  
Chris and me with our new belts and certificates!  
The refurbished rose. It's on my lower left abdomen very near the hip.  
Marc and me after the test - tired, bloated but oh-so-happy it was over with!  
My bb test breaks - receiving instruction from Master Corona.  
These are the bb's notebooks - we have to turn them in for the bb test.  
Will that be paper or plastic? (part 1)  
The four 2004 black belts from our school - CB, myself, MC and NCG.  
My shot glass. Fill er to the rim, arr!!!  
I got my profile pic from this shot of me, my teacher, a colleague, and our master. This was at the 2004 Black Belt banquet in Arizona.  
Will that be paper or plastic? (part 2)  
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Here's some attachments I've uploaded in posts during my stay here.


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