Gerak Badan Pencak Margaluyu Pusat

The meaning of gerak badan is sport in term a specific sport as breathing technique, Pencak or pencak silat is martial arts. Gerak Badan Pencak Margaluyu Pusat is unique Martial & Breathing technique arts style.
Both Pencak Silat and Breathing Technique Martial Arts was introduce in west Java on 2nd Decade of 20th Century and developed by S. Andadinata

Self defense is a human instinct ?
Actually the Human instinct is self defense to safe life's. Unfortunately, a Human naturally does not equipped with weapon, except pair of hands and legs. Contrary, animals naturally has it. Like snake with poison, tiger or beast with claw. To safe life's, human only using the Consciousness by utilizeing hands and legs. Many self defense style were imitate the animal's movement during fighting.

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