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Thread: K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

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    K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement



    A meeting was held May 23rd, 2009 by members of the K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors on Kahului, Maui. All were there to pay our last respects to our Sijo,Chief, Ninoy, Adriano D. Emperado. 6 of 9 board members were present, constituting a majority. Present were Grandmasters Carlos Bunda, Gary Forbach, Rick Kingi, Vince Black, Phil Gelinas and
    Sr. GM George Kaanana.

    Several important topics were discussed, voted upon and unanimously approved. Most important was to implement the wishes of Sijo Emperado and to inform all in Kajukenbo, the "sole purpose" of the board.

    Attached you will find this announcement. We welcome any and all comments.

    On behalf of the board,

    GM Carlos Bunda

    The Board of Advisors (BOA), selected by Sijo Adriano Emperado, was formed for the explicit purpose of promoting from within the Kajukenbo system, black belts worthy of the rank of 8th degree and higher. In his words, “I am done with promoting any one else to Grandmaster in the Kajukenbo system, and that any school can promote any one to whatever rank they want, and it will be respected. However that rank will not be recognized by me and my “KSDI”. (Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute)

    It is for this reason that the BOA was formed. Any individual worthy of promotion and wishing to be recognized under the umbrella of KSDI must be approved by the BOA.

    The BOA members were selected from various and independent Kajukenbo schools to ensure no bias or prejudice while acting on behalf of Sijo Adriano Emperado.

    BOARD MEMBERS: (In alphabetical order)
    1–Emil Bautista…….………..
    2–Vince Black……………….
    3–Carlos Bunda……………
    4-Gary Forbach……………..
    5-Angel Garcia………………
    6-Phil Gelinas………………..
    7-George Kaanana……….…..
    8-Rick Kingi…Board Liaison
    9-Edmund Louis…………….


    The mission of the Board of Advisors is to manage, certify, and implement the wishes of Sijo Adriano Emperado. To ensure that all Kajukenbo black belts be worthy of a promotion from 7th to 8th degree
    (Professor) and from 8th to 9th degree (Grandmaster). To implement and serve notice to all Kajukenbo factions of promotion(s) awarded.

    E-mail board liaison, Rick Kingi, to petition and/or nominate individual(s) for promotion and review by the Board of Advisors. Promotion ceremony will be held once a year at the annual KSDI tournament.

    The BOA will not respond to petitions and/or nominations to individuals outside of the Kajukenbo system. The board will not respond to any inquiries regarding the validity of promotions to those outside the umbrella of the KSDI.
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    Re: K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

    Sounds like they all did a great job and can hold there heads up high on this one.
    Tae kwon do is a never ending quest for perfection. An art of developing the mind and the body to defeat your constant opponent…yourself. - anonymous

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    Re: K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

    I like the way this is set up. There are alot of Orgs out there that can/should learn from this. Just my opinion of course...

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    Re: K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

    Excellent decision and I hope it works out well for you!
    Brian R. VanCise
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    Re: K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

    now, here is the question, if Ed Parker had set up something like this, what would American Kenpo be like today?
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    Re: K.S.D.I. Board of Advisors Announcement

    Quote Originally Posted by Twin Fist View Post
    now, here is the question, if Ed Parker had set up something like this, what would American Kenpo be like today?
    Probably in better shape than its in currently.

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