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  1. Pure attain lacquer face, flexibly anthology

    Two Elin and Arnt Ropstad and their children, just move into the new home of 170 square metre. Without doubt, it is a floor no matter, still be other adornment, their choice very assist.

    Project place: Norwegian Kristiansand

    Project brand: seven trust floor

    84 lumber cost of fence
    Floor choice: European white oak, pure attain lacquer face

    Wood of & pearl oak, face of dumb smooth lacquer

    ▲ Europe white oak, pure attain lacquer face

    screened decks for manufactured homes
    Walk into when you indoor, meet immediately by delicate building construction, contemporary dimensional program institute is attracted

    Style of Europe of ▲ sterling north is perforative from beginning to end

    ▲ furniture comes from Atleriet Ribe

    The real wood floor that safeguards extremely easily

    screened decks for manufactured homes
    The room is bright and capacious, large window builds a comfortable atmosphere.

    The floor is floor of wood of light color oak, exterior course is pure attain lacquer face processing, with this the indoor style of the Naweiya of can very take tone.

    plastic floor for porch and steps
    In 6 years before, the floor of our home makes me very depressed, because of it and home in stylish special do not build. And floor of this real wood suits present north very much Europe style, in addition it is safeguarded rise also without striking a blowing! Elin says s