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  1. Well now, tonight is going to be interesting. The instructor looks to be well trained.

    At least it should be fun seeing what this art is all about. As there probably will not be too many prospective students (Marina Studios only opened in January) I am going to ask if a proper demonstration can be done. I have never seen this art displayed other than on Youtube. Downside is the pain I get in my right ankle, but still, it will improve, I hope!!
  2. The time has arrived I suppose. Time to put the wagon into the barn and keep it there. Time then for the reinvention, or would that be somewhat paradoxical, I have already laid the foundations, now for the rendering. Yeah, that seems quite apt. The big issue I do have, and always seem to have, is the bloody pride. I fear that I will hurt myself due to trying something beyond me. Actually I do not fear getting hurt, just do not want want to make myself look like a complete prat. Nah, going to have to be a little sedate for a bit.

    The first menu is going to include Zumba, Bokwa and Muay Thai Fitness. Pilates Fitness and Body Bootcamp. The latter is more refered to as Body Pukecamp, but it is good apparently. Anyway looking forward to it. Well I was the one who chose to drink way way too much and dabble with weed :duh:. The pain will be completely my fault, but at least I am still breathing. Peace.