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  1. Quick update on me. Ive decided to take a seriously look at my health not getting any younger. I have started to close monitor my diet and workout routines to get myself back in shape.

    as of September 1st I have lost 7 pounds and have completed my first 5k. Might not seem like a lot but I have terrible knees so that fact that I'm running at all is a big accomplishment for me.

    I look forward to reporting back in a couple more weeks with even greater numbers

  2. i have said it before but i need to say it again. I am back and this time i am serious.

    Spurred by my love for my wife, my friends and family, the MA's and the great site that is MT....I AM BACK!!!

    I have renewed energies to get in shape and improve myself both physically and mentally. My own mortality has come into question far to many times this year and far to many time for someone only 26yrs old. I plan to be a father one day and i plan to watch my children grow up. I also plan to watch my little cousin (who is more like my sister) graduate college and eventually get married. I have a lot of life left and i plan to live it.

    I tell you this not to make you think "WTF has this guy been doing?" or to create any kind of sympathy. I tell you only because i want to and need to. My only hope is that my friends here (I am pretty sure i have made a couple) offer me support and encouragement and that maybe i also encourage someone else.

    So...Here is to a new and better life!!!

  3. Ive been trying to pass this test since November. Have only taken it 3 times but have had life get in the way about 4 times. Injuries, work, weather...BLAH!!! Hopefully this saturday with be the one.

    If you are in SKK or something similar and have a brown strip test that makes you a little angry then you know what im talking about. to those who dont find a school and study it and you will find out what im talking about.

    Thats it. not big rant just need to blow off some steam

  4. To the people who have been ever so bummed about the lack of blog posts from me...have no fear!

    Like my thread in the meet & greet stated i am back to the board after a long but very very eventful break.

    i have grown quite a bit in my life and in the arts. Ive found my soul mate and we have started our life together (though im still fighting to get her involved in the MA's). Ive progressed in my training both physically and mentally and have stubbornly bashed my way through major obstacles in my way (that includes my green belt test :D)

    My major training partner is looking at open his own school and has invited me to be an instructor there. Im looking forward to that day but in the mean time i am devising new work out routines and meal plans to get myself in better shape than i was when i started SKK.

    I look forward to all the help and information that i will gather from the great people on this site. Im also open to any and every advise that people can give me.

  5. So like the title says this blog is all about the weekend and rightfully so as it was a crazy one.

    my best friend since grade school(more like a brother now) got married this weekend it what was nothing short of a shotgun wedding. He went from meeting this girl, to dating her, to engaged to married with a kid on the way (which they actually had to move the wedding up 10 months so that she could be on his insurance) in i think around 8 months, he has known the girl less time than ive been dating my girlfriend and ive known my g/f for nearly 5 years now, we were pretty much best friends for a year when we worked together, so how well can he really know this girl.

    anyway all that aside he is like a brother to me and i love him to death and would do anything in the world for him so...yea im happy....

    But check this **** out, so you know that whole throwing the garter and bouquet crap? yea so naturally my g/f catches the bouquet, not and my supposed best friend throws the garter at me! I mean seriously threw it at me, looks right at me, points and then throws it. what kinds **** is that! LOL!

    My birthday was on friday, so me and some friends went out to the bar on saturday after the wedding. some of my other friends met us at the bar, one being this girl who my friend justin and I met a couple years ago. really cool girl down to earth and everything. justin and the girl (lauren is her name so i dont have to keep saying "the girl) tried the dateing thing at first, both were young and dumb didnt work. years pass we all keep in touch, he goes through some hard fought relationships and lands on the other side a better person. well we have seen more and more of lauren the past half year and watching from the sidelines (as i like to do a lot) ive noticed the chemistry between the 2 of them. Ive said something to both of them with the same typical answers (he/she is not interested, that would make things complicated, we are just friends) you the one where they are obviously dancing around the subject. Well im stubborn as hell, they both know it, so i dont let it go. we are at the bar last night and the beer was a flwoin' (as it tends to do at a bar) and i start to talk to both of them about the other, the same answers keep being said but the lights are starting to come on. after many hours, beers and stubborness on all three of out parts i believe i have put that ball in motion. there was some talk between them and we will see what the future brings.

    All in all it was a good weekend and i felt like i had to share...cause apparently some of you people find the crap i write worht reading...much thanks, it makes me feel good to share and to know that people read it

    thats it for know, there will be more cause, well i cant really shut up...LOL...

  6. Im sure that anyone who reads posts made by me are aware that i have injured my knee. This **** is getting very very old. I was doing so much better, performing so much better and was actually holding my own in sparring with my instructors because my knee wasnt holding me back. Im so depressed right now and Im fearing the worst. Im not a hypochondriac but when it comes to things of this nature i think of the worst possible outcomes partly because im a little crazy (lol!) and partly because I dont want to be completely shock if it is the worst. Im also a little scared the pain is getting worse as the days go by, i dont know if its in my head or if it is real but im having trouble sleeping because of the pain. Im sure that im starting to annoy my family and girlfriend. I also feel really bad that im letting down my boss at my second job (who happens to be my g/f's dad) and my instructor. I know they understand what is going on that they only wish me the best but still i dont like to say im going to do something and then have to back out for any reason. well thats all, i just needed to get that off my chest. thanks.

  7. So last year ended....yippee! Seriously though last year was one hell of year. SOOOO many ups and downs I surprised Im still alive. Uncle died as '07 ended Christmas that year sucked, the following year ('08) looked hopeful but instead brought more heartache and turmoil to my family. I thought we were going to close the doors on the family business, I actually quit the business to go sweat my nuts off at a concrete block company (which turned out to be the most fun job ive ever had and at 23 Ive had a lot...funny how things work out). The year did end on a good note though. I was reunited with one of my best friends ever, who has turned out to be the love of my life. i went back to the family business and while things arent perfect, they are better. Me and my g/f moved in together and are planning for a life together.

    Now '09 is here and I have much I want to acomplish.
    1.) i want to propose to my g/f. this is first because I do not know when I will do it.
    2.) i want to go back to school.
    3.) i want to put my training and health on a whole new level.
    4.) I want to enjoy this year as much as possible. the last couple one have been fun but have also been hard in many different ways.

    thats it for now

  8. Whats going on everyone who reads my crap!

    The Bad:

    So the year started off as a **** storm (are we aloud to use profanity here?). My uncle passed away last Halloween and Xmas was bad enough. With the New Year in swing it brought changes to the hierarchy of my families business. Positions were changed, added or dropped. This was all supposed to be for the better of the business and the family. Well of course not everyone like the ideas that were proposed and intended to have them changed to suit their goals. This brought about fighting and anger and eventually led me to literally rip a phone off the wall. It got so bad at one point that I decided to leave the business and find work somewhere else. So I ended up at a concrete block manufacturing company for the summer. To be honest it was the best job Ive ever had (out of a total of 16! only 23 right here). I learned more in those three months than I learned in 12 years at school. I did some crazy hard labor and got to spend 12 hours a day with my best friend who is more of a brother to me. The job made me realize that I missed my family and I missed the legacy that staying with the company that would ultimately bring me. So...I returned and things have thus far been good. Now with the holidays upon us once again and the anniversary of my uncles death behind us my family is arguing once again...naturally. Its come to a point where a finger can actually be pointed at one aunt (moms sister, and sister to the uncle that passed). She is the baby of the three and always has to get here way. She has forced my mom to tears on more than one occasion because she is heartless and vindictive. I would love to cut her out of my life but I hold family in very high regards and she has a 12yr old daughter (my cousin) who I absolutely cherish. I have no younger siblings and she is actually only 1 of 4 grandchildren on my moms side so we are very close. I would do anything in the world and within my power to make her happy and the thought of losing her is devastating, so Im stuck as to what to do. Im a strong person and I believe I will have to swallow my pride until she is old enough to understand the entire situation. But we will see

    The Good:

    The best thing in my life right now is my girlfriend. We have known each other for almost five years now but have only been dating for 8 months. We worked together at a Logan's Roadhouse here in Louisville and became really close. She then proceeded to date horrible guys (which at 18 is expected) and we fell apart, still talking to each other a couple times a year. We finally reconnected last January and started hanging out again. After some discussion about what it would do to our friendship if we dated we decided to give it a try. She is awesome and everything to me. She has helped find the person I used to be and has helped get my life back in order. Ive decided that I want to keep her in my life forever and am now in the process of shopping for an engagement ring.

    Sorry to make that so long but I had to get it out. Happy Holidays and stick around cause there will be more.