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  1. So right now, I'm currently in between instructors. However, I still want to progress as a martial artist. As a caveat, I want to say this is not an ideal situation. I'm working on getting back into Yang style tai chi, under Ron Jorgenson. I'm also going to start training in Gracie Barra Jujitsu in the near future, hopefully as soon as the middle of this month. So I'm not advocating training without an instructor as the ideal situation, long term.

    For the interim, however, there are things I can do to grow as martial artist, so I'm doing them. I usually have a training partner, and things I can do on my own, when he can't meet. The point of this blog is to record the training I do on my own, so I can track how it changes as I go, including when I incorporate training under an instructor, and possibly get training ideas from anyone who would like to add input.

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