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  1. I can't help it! Walking through home depot, I came across the cinder block area, and stone plates. The only thought that came through was to try and break them! :) Then I saw some broke, rather than assume they just broke as accidents from stacking, I thought someone "karateed" them-lol. I even think about my movements when I buy clothes! If I can't execute or move in them -no matter what they are-SEE YA!!!!

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  2. We in the martial arts world have it in our philosophies, regardless of style, ideas about energies in this universe. These are constantly in flow and consume us as well. There is also the state of "nothingness" (the void-Musashi) that we acknowledge feeling from time to time. Under these thoughts, I wish to instill a warning to all of the decent Martial Talkers and your friends. As someone who has lost the battle within, try very hard to fill your emptiness with the positive. With all of the energy in flow and about in our world, if you're empty anywhere, one of them is going to occupy the space. The only way for you to guarantee it will be positive, is for you to actively fill up that empty space with positive.

    Best wishes to all! :asian:
  3. For years I have seen the "experts," "masters,"
    "pro's," etc... make all of their claims about their system, how they've improved the system, yadda yadda yadda. It's also just as amuzing as these people are also sooooooo quick to point out the "flaws," "weaknesses" etc... of other styles, schools, teachers, methods, etc... They even bicker pointlessly on these forums. Each is the foremost authority, each has "THE" way, each has "THE" knowledge yadda yadda yadda. So, 2 simple threads are created that simply ask how, what, and why went into their thinking and methods they've added to, deleted from, or improved. Guess what? NO TAKERS!!! What a surprise! If that was to happen, then their "gospel" (ego) would be challenged, scrutinized, and criticized. God forbid that should happen! We wouldn't want an honest exchange of ideas! Oh no! And God forbid someone actually learns something! These online things are great! No one can see you do your thing. You can hide and still maintain your "cred." What a great thing!

    Those who do participate open and honestly- bless you! Those of you on your MA God ledges--LOL! LOL! LOL!
    You are a detriment! You prefer to keep the lines drawn! You prefer to keep the arguing going, just for argument's sake! (as you state one thing in a post only to contradict yourselves in others--LOL!)

    Absolute jokes! :) :) :)
  4. Throughout the recent years I have heard from a number of sources that today's younger generations are more sheltered and need to be coddled to get anything out of them. I've heard professors tell me about how their teaching methods have had to be altered after 30 years, and not for the better. The complaints go on and on. I know some would say that every generation says the same about the one before it. But, looking at this honestly and experiencing the apathy I have seen daily, is there a point where this old complaint has some truth to it? Todays youth are very technical and bright, but are they mentally and emotionally weak? Are they unable to handle adversity, and fight through it? I know parents have to protect their kids but is coddling, and sheltering them the way to go? I feel that it might be detrimental in the long run. As I deal with the youth more and more I see them fall apart at the least little things. Something my generation and older would have laughed at. Tonight, I had to talk a beautiful, bright, and good hearted girl out of taking her life. I also alerted and have her best friends around her indefinitely. I hope she pulls through ok. I feel that this topic is worth considerable thought. Life is tough, hard, and unfair. Coddling doesn't help. True learning and coping comes from experiencing. Think about the big Picture!
  5. Throughout my years in the arts I have heard on many occasions that "Everyone has a right to learn self defense." While I agree with this totally, it often baffles me how the very people who make these claims charge the outrageous prices they do for instruction. It's like only the nobility classes are permitted to learn because they are the ones who can afford the lessons. Incidentally, these are the very groups that least need it. The ones who need it the most and would benefit the most from the arts and their teachings have difficulty in accessing them. It's truly sad. So, they become the ones that training is needed for, rather than easing the incidents and flow by getting them involved. In my life, I can think of many lives that have been lost that involvement in the arts would have saved.
  6. ?

    Let's see if I have everything all set!

    Checklist: Karate Gi, Karate Belt, Karate termed strikes, Karate termed kicks, Karate themed methodology, Karate terminology.....

    "Hey! I thought you said that this was a 'Chinese System!"

    I dunno....
  7. "The arts were not meant to fight against each other, so comparing them is impossible!"

    Could be true.

    "The Traditional Styles are designed for that one punch throwing, unskilled attacker!"

    Seems probable.

    "But, don't the modern "fighting" styles that are designed to meet anything still throw punches and kicks?"


    "Don't all the other TMA styles have defenses against punches and kicks?"


    "So what's the problem?"

    I dunno.......
  8. I remember a time, before the MMA movement, when, in conversations with other artists, the goals of fighting in their styles were discussed. What was talked about was: conditioning, fluidity, and being able to flow from the different ranges of combat easily. Then, along came the MMA movement. Like many fellow artists and non-artists, I was and still am a fan. Somewhere along the lines though, animosity set in between the 2 factions. The funny thing to notice was that MMA'ers moved exactly the way that the TMA goals were stated: conditioned, fluid, range changing
    So, I always thought, Why the animosity if people are embodying your goals?
    On the flip side, with the rules and atmosphere of the MMA world, why the animosity toward those that can show you how it is unrestricted in movement?