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  1. 6 punch combination? 10? I feel like it was a 10punch but I only saw it a couple of times.
    Turns out it was a ten punch combination.

    What if, when I hold my fingertips to my dan tien to engage my back, I pushon the dan tien with open palms? Hold the sides of the ball?

    The mirror of heaven?

    What is the inside doing? What is the unweighted leg doing? Tarsals? How is each side affecting the other?
    The back bend, the front stretches over the back, the foot presses down.

    What if, with the bag hanging from the ceiling, two people catch, block, push, throw, strike... the bag with each other?

    What do birds think about while they stand on a post?

    How to put everything together so I can feel it, know that I can trust it and let go so it can move...

    Supreme Grand Ultimate Fist

    The mind uses the foot to move the body and the arms. So it can smile, open doors, and offer help to those it can.

    You have to uproot the tree before you can carry it out of the forest
    The double pull, double push?

    Taking lessons from the dead.

    The "You call it" T'ai Chi hour.
    Group improvisation in T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Gongfu.
  2. 9/24/15
    Continuing to practice standing. Am using the iron rings during training as well. Today I held all 20 rings for half an hour, and ten for an additional half hour. Began trying to do the first movements of the form very, very slowly today. 100 seconds per posture but moving the whole time. Interesting.

    The throat holds the head up.
    Continuing standing training with results. Recently discovered my left ankle to be pronating. Have made an initial correction (POP!) and now have to retrain muscles. I think my left foot played a part in my whole structure twisting and my hips locking. Now trying to rebuild and open from the ground up.

    Last night while standing, I think I felt the weight of the bones for the first time. I felt the pelvis be a bucket, and it's position between my hips control every part of my body above it. I began to feel my bones, and how they work.
  3. I've randomly kept journals throughout my life. Pretty erratic. There are often big gaps between dates, and I usually end up destroying them. Right now I'm thinking maybe I'll keep my ongoing attempts at keeping a martial arts journal here. The first few are going to be back dated. And there will be a pile of random ideas I've written down because I wanted to remember them and think about them, expand, etc.

    So Here goes.

    Began standing training within the last few days.
    Interesting and intense.
    Have attempted to pursue this before and immediately found it powerful. Have been changing the way I train and trying to really put things together. Trying to do just one or two things for an hour or two twice per day.
    Difficult to motivate, momentarily.
    I'm working in front of the mirror so I can see some of whats happening.
    Under the characters Patience and Courage.
    I've been holding my arms in various positions to keep my back straight and engaged. Alternating between standing on both feet or one and the other.