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  1. When I was working as a bouncer there were fights a plenty, this one stands out..Two guys stood at the bar exchanging dirty looks and threats..

    One was one of our regulars was a biker wanna be named Bojo..He had short man syndrome real bad and tried to comphensate by riding a Harley, wearing a biker leather and talking tough..They say he was a dirty fighter.

    The other guy was the typical boy next door type..Well dressed for this place and had just stopped in for a beer and to meet with some friends.Bojo took an immediate disike to this visitor and started tossing comment,the comments were ignored for awhile and when he finally had enough he walked toward Bojo and I interceed. and told them to take it outside, and they did..

    They walked behind the auto parts store next door and were soon out of sight..About 5 mins later the boy next door walked back and got in his car, his sport jacket was torn but that was all. His friends were just pulling in the lot and as he got into his vehicle he gave me a wink as he drove away..

    2 minutes after that the little Bojo came back, and he looked like he had done 15 rounds with Ali..His comment was " He use that sissy karate **** on me", to which one of our regular tough guys responded, "Looks liked that sissy **** works"..
  2. There was an instance that convinced me to keep studying martial arts, its a damn good story....I was getting a tire changed on my car, as the mechanic was letting the car down he noticed the ying/yang patch that was sewn on my windbreaker and asked about it.
    I told him I was studying Shorin-Ryu, he himself was a card carrying American Combat Karate sensei.. An we chatted as we waked back to the office..A big jock type was next in line and had heard us talking. " Karate huh!, I study .357 Magnum". The mechanic walked over to this jerk and asked " Do you have your weapon on you now?"
    "Well no", the jock replied...The mechanic's eyes glazed over and he seemed to emit a vibration that was disturbing.." Well that's too bad" ,he said.. " I always have my weapons on me". and he held up his hands which looked like as hard as steel and his fingers had the shape of rebar..The jock left without having repairs done...I have been studying ever since...
  3. When I was a mobile DJ I would meet with the prespective brides and grooms prior to the wedding reception to discuss the details of their reception and discuss the music preferences and to pick up the signed contract and the music list..One couple did not bother to prepare a music list.

    I mentioned that I was worried about not having the correct music..The groom said " his only worry was that one of his guests would pass out and drowned in a puddle of his own vomit"..This was a SUPER wedding, nobody went home sober including me..