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  1. As a lot of people here know, I left my old TKD dojang for several reasons. To really sum it up, I felt like I kept hitting this HUGE brick wall, and saw no end in sight if I remained. I felt ill- prepared in many ways, especially as I looked into the possibility of an upcoming black belt test, and it didn't help hearing certain comments from the G.M. about my instructor in regards of his class and teaching methods. Nothing really negative mind you, just things that make you stop and think a bit.

    Now it's been several months, I'm involved in a tang soo do class that is much closer, and things are just clicking with me, unlike before. It's kind of hard to explain or pinpoint it exactly. I'm not really learning anything real new, with the exceptions of new forms, one- steps, and some recent ground work.

    After all this being said, though, I still feel a great deal of respect towards tae kwon do. Like it still has that special spot in my heart.