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  1. ...I feel stupid! :p

    I guess I'll just randomly post what's going on right now.

    I recently missed 3 weeks in a row of Aikido for various reasons like injury, anime convention, and being out of town. I was sorry to miss the classes, but now I see that it was a much needed break. Before the break, I had been getting quite frustrated with myself in class, but now everything is fresh, exciting, and I'm looking forward to class again. :)

    My husband and I are very excited to be moving (2 doors down) to a larger apartment. It's really fancy for us because it has a dishwasher (stands and cheers), bathtub, washer/dryer we don't have to share with neighbors, an oven, larger fridge/freezer, AND it has more than one closet (at least 3)! Both bedrooms are small, but my husband will put his computer and snakes in the smaller one so I don't have to listen to him talking to people on his headset while he raids in World of Warcraft. We desperately need the extra space! I'm really excited that we'll have room for a table! We'll have to find a cheap one on Craigslist. I'm also already looking forward to the holidays where we can bake/cook with a proper stove/oven. It's those small extra luxurys that I'm mostly so excited about. :) It's a shame that we have to move in the middle of the week and probably won't have help, but we'll manage somehow.

    Robyn :)