Wu Style Competition form

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And like that... it's gone.


Finished the Wu style competition form, apparently it was something I had to do again. I learned it from my first shifu about 25 years ago, but I had to stop training it since it seemed to bleed into every other taiji style I was learning at the time. But for some reason I had to do it again. So I relearned it using a DVD of Li Bingci that I had, from China. Worked on it, finished it, and got it back....and then....let it go.

I apparently no longer have any desire to do the form. I am back to Yang style and learning Sun style, without any Wu

I have no idea why I needed to relearn the Wu Competition form and I had felt I should re-learn it before. Started and then stopped before I finished. But it came back, so I did it this time. And now that it is done, I have no problem letting it go.

I learned a lot about the taijiquan I do from the Wu style. It also got me thinking and working harder at taijiquan again. And it got me to a book that has also giving me a lot of insight into things taijiquan.

Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style - translated by Yang Jwing Ming

Enough from me
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