The this will come as no surprise to anyone whose been on MT for awhile…..

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AKA; we all knew this would happen…he's addicted, he can't why doesn’t he just accept it, quit trying to stop, shut up and train

Yeah, I started training Xingyiquan again. I think it was a combination of the JKD class and my overactive ego in push hands, but I found myself standing in Santi Shi and working on the 5 elements again.

It will be 27 years on September 14th that I have been training Taijiquan, consequently that is the same date I left the Japanese/Korean marital arts for Chinese Marital arts. In that 27 I have trained various competition Taiji forms, dabbled in Sun Style and there is even about 5 years of traditional Chen in there as well, and of course various other CMA styles, including Xingyiquan. Of that 27 years it has been 24 years that I have trained Traditional Yang Taijiquan with my Shifu. During this time in taijiquan I continually get to points in the training where I am convinced I finally got it….it makes sense….. only to discover I have no clue as to what is going on…or that what I thought was a peak, was just the ridge of a much larger mountain with no discernable path to the top…so I start looking for a way up again. I’m not complaining mind you, and I am not even surprised by this…. well not so much anymore, which is why I keep training. And my most recent return to push hands training, after a 3 year…or was it 4 year hiatus, has shown me exactly how much I have to learn and re-learn, and I’m working on it.

However, I have never felt this cluelessness with Xingyiquan. I have most definitely felt like I was on a plateau but I always seemed to know what direction to go, or how hard I had to work to get off it. Heck even the internal aspects of it make a whole lot more sense and seem easier to understand than Taijiquan ever did. My Xingyiquan training also started over 25 years ago but it was not as contiguous as Taijiquan due to the lack of teachers so I have no definite length of time I have trained it, and there has been multiple teachers, but it is likely I have somewhere around 10 years in Xingyiquan, but yet it is easier for me to understand. I get the same feeling from Jeet Kune Do too, and I only have a total of about 2 months official training in that, meaning with a teacher. And although this will likely be considered Xingyiquan Blaspheme... JKD has taught me a lot about Xingyiquan...

I am not giving up on Taijiquan, I am still training Yang style and I am still going to work on push hands. But I am also going to start working with Sun again, since it does seem to make more sense to me that Yang style does. I don’t know, could be the Xingyiquan influence in Sun that makes it easier for me to grasp. And I am going to continue working with JKD for a bit. I enjoyed what little I trained before on the Jerry Poteet side of the fence, but I am really liking this Dan Inosanto side of JKD.

So long story short, it seems like Xingyiquan is back and I am once again going to have to look for and travel to find teachers. But I have time, I have 7 until I can retire and likely 10 until I do retire and in that time I plan on training Xingyiquan and very likely Sun taijiquan. I will still train Yang and I will see how far I can take JKD, but if I stick with Xingyi and Taijiquan

At this point I see JKD like this

“Jeet Kune Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back.” – Bruce Lee

So, I see a possibility that I will let JKD go and be back to a Chinese Internal Martial Arts guy…. or to be more correct…. an Old Chinese Martial Arts guy.

Enough from me....
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