The Tai Chi Cane Form

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I have been on the injured/recovery list since the first week in June due to knee surgery. During that time, I have been going a bit crazy not being able to do any taijiquan. I have been doing a lot of reading, and for some reason I have been reading mostly books and articles by Cheng Manching or his students.

About 4 weeks into recovery I found I was able to hobble through the Sun short form I know. But I kept wanting to do more, but my knee was not for that, so I spent a lot of time sitting down with ice on my knee. Then I remembered something I read that was written by Cheng Manching in his book

Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Cheng Man-ching's Three Treasures of Tai Chi

1) Practice as if you are suspended from a string.
2) Connect with the bubbling well.
3) Chi must flow into the Tan Tien

In being suspended from a string he is referring to a point on the top of your head called the Baihui


And connected to the bubbling well he is referring to a point on the bottom of your feet called the Yongquan


So I decided to apply the 3 treasures to basically standing up a walking with my cane. I feel more relaxed, I feel a lot like I am doing something relatively close to taijiquan and it has helped my posture, which was getting pretty bad walking with a cane.

So for now, I have the short Sun form and walking and it seems to do the trick

I'm done...
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