The Stones of Israel - Digging for the Truth

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Dr. Don Patton presents "Stones of Israel." The video below is an archaeological documentary of the overwhelming amount of evidence that has been discovered in Israel that reveals how historically accurate the Bible truly is:

  • Joshua's Altar on Mt. Ebal
  • Gilgal, stones from Jordan
  • Fallen walls of Jericho
  • Rahab's House
  • Balaam Inscription
  • Shilo Plateau
  • Fortified Gates of Solomon
  • Hebrew Text, Jeremiah's Time
  • Jeroboam's Altar at Dan
  • "House of David" Inscription
  • City of David: 14th C. Cuneiform Tablets; Stronghold of Zion; Administration Buildings; 51 Bullae Biblical characters; Joab's Water Shaft; Gihon Spring; Coronation Site; Pool of Melchizedek; Hezekiah's Tunnels; Tower of Siloam; Hezekiah's Walls; Tombs of David and Solomon; Pool of Siloam; Stairs - Temple to Pool; Palace of David

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