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I have had to stop JKD class...again. Basically the overall feeling at this point is..... "Dang I'm old"

I probably should not have gone back in the first place, due to the thinning retina issue. But then this class was not focused on striking as much as the first and focuses more on techniques. Also, although the first school was awesome and I would recommend it, my schedule simply did not match the first school. And I was really lucky finding the second school since it was equally as good, just from a different perspective of JKD

The current school; I go to class wearing knee braces and I'm fine. But when I train at home in those same knee braces I'm not fine, my knees hurt for 2 days. So I take a 2 day rest and try training again.....and my knees hurt for 2 days. Noticed about 2 weeks ago that my knees did not feel right at all even with 2 days off. Then doing regular work any homeowner has to do I noticed my knees, mainly the left getting worse. So I went to wear a compression sleeve on that knee most of the time. But then I went to push hands class twice in one day this past weekend and I felt great. So I went home and tried to do some JKD on the heavy bag. This was a mistake.

The knee sleeve no longer helps the left knee, but the right is doing ok, does not seem to be as much of a problem as it was previously, but it is still bothering me a bit. However I am once again in a semi-rigid knee brace for my left knee just to be able to walk normally. Can't do taijiquan, Xingyiquan, of Yiquan stance training due to the left knee, without the knee brace. And now even with the knee brace JKD and Xingyi are not really good ideas right now.

This decision was actually harder to make than the last time I had to stop JKD do to the thinning retina. That was basically "If get hit in the head" "Then possibly go blind" kind of thing (sorry about the Computer programming If/Then reference, I am an IT guy after all). But this time my brain clicked back to the younger me who believed you need to work through the pain. And when you are in your 20s and 30s that actually seems to work....although I do believe you pay for it later...but in your 50s it does not work and you need to stop and recover, or you will eventually stop because you can't do it anymore and you won't recover

I truly enjoyed the training, the other students and the teacher, but at this point it is probably best to take a break to get the knees back and then do some strengthening and lose some weight. Then depending on where I am at with the other arts I train, and based on my schedule, I might be able to return.

I'm closer to 60 than 50, I'm arthritic, and currently over weight. But I am still not ready to say I am to old and beat up for JKD....I might be, but I'm not will to admit it just yet.

I have now given JKD a try 3 times, the first time my right knee and the teacher relocating to the southern part of the US stopped me. The second time it was my eye and some minor hip and knee pain (but no braces were needed) The third time it is my left knee with a little help from my right. Who knows, maybe the fourth times is the charm...when and if there is a 4th time
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