The exercises

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I have been doing the exercises tht PT wants me to do, with one exception, stairs. I seem to be getting progressively worse at stairs. I will be talking to them about this at my next appointment, later today.

These are the rehab exercises I am doing, if anyone is interested

Seated Leg Extensions
The exercises they have me doing are as follows
Straight Leg lifts, laying on my side
Straight Leg lifts, floor flexed, toes pointing upward
Straight Leg lifts, toes rotated outward
Lay on stomach, straight leg lift
Lay on stomach, leg curls
Stair steps (These I am having a lot of trouble with)
Wall sit (back against wall feet shoulder width apart, sit like sitting in a chair)
Air drops (toes on stairs) basically a calf stretch
Hamstring stretch
Quad stretch

And I was actually able to do the Sun Taijiquan short form on Saturday and Sunday, I just can't do the kick yet
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