PT15, a setback, and PT16

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PT15: Nothing spectacular, but they did get me to do a deeper squat, which was good to be able to do

Also, I have not been using the cane at all for a while now

Next 2 days, got up, did all the PT exercises and stretching, felt ok, and then went to work. However day one they sent me home because of a sinus infection. On to day two at work

Work day 2: Went to lunch with coworkers (masks and social distancing were followed) On the way back. Stepped off a curb, crossed a street, stepped up on another curb, took one step...and the pain that shot though the right knee almost made me fall down. And of course I had no cane so walking was not an option for a few minutes. Finally got so I could hobble back to my office. I left early to go home and iced the knee for 45 minutes

PT16; using cane again to walk. Deep (and rather painful) tissue massage. My Lateral and Medial Hamstrings were literally hard as rocks. After that, more ice. I did walk out less dependent on the cane than when I walked in.

Still using the cane today, but not for everything. I can walk without it. And as the day has progressed I am using int less. Did stretching today and actually did some yoga too.
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