PT visits 1 and 2

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Went to Physical Therapy yesterday and today, have another appointment Friday. I have been given exercises to do.

However what has surprised me most is how weak my legs and hips have gotten since all this started. The arthritis in the hips then the knee problems eventually getting to a point where I could not ride a stationary bike with our inflaming the knees and walking long distances was not possible.And of course the weight gain from this does not help either.

PT did simple tests, that I had done before that gave me no problem, yesterday I pretty much failed. It was very easy for the therapist to push my leg down in various positions.

Pretty much of if want to be walking, and doing Taijiquan and any sort of martial art in 10 years, I need to start working on leg strength. And I have to start with simple exercises, the knees and the hips will not allow anything that difficult, even squats/deep knee bends are not possible.

So.... start from square one and go from there. And at my age, it is very important that I gain that strength back.
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