PT 7,8

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Mowed the lawn on Saturday and afterwards, couldn't walk well. Did not finish PT exercises on Saturday and did none on Sunday.

Sunday I did get a bit depressed, and started to think I will never recover, never return to martial arts and never walk normal again. I got over it by reading some Chuang Tzu and a translation of a Cheng style Baguazhang book.

By the time I got to PT I was doing better, but still a bit sore from the weekend

PT 7. Mostly Massage of the knee, ultrasound, Gaston technique, and teaching me how to walk correctly, heal toe, swing arms, etc. and then heat. Felt ok afterwards but still a bit sore and walking with the cane.

PT 8, worked on walking again and started half squats, the knee that may be going to surgery (left) had more issues than the recovering knee (right). Then Gaston and heat. Felt a lot better after this, not using cane and actually considering giving the Sun Style Taijiquan short form a try.
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