PT 3

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I am off crutches and not using the cane much either


New exercises.....


Started stepping up and down, on just one step, step up, step back (slowly) right leg 10 times, left leg 10 times. The idea is to get the muscles to work again, which I can honestly say, they don't really want to in the right leg, and to strengthen. Right knee had issues here, I need to work on that, the left did OK

Also wall sits


Which I think it was expected I would have problems with this and my legs would start shaking rather quickly, but they didn't. I chalk it up to Xingyiquan Santi Shi and learning how to deal with the discomfort. It did start hurting across the knee cap after so I stopped. Did this twice

After all of this it was the left knee that bothered me more, but then there is a meniscus tear in that knee at the moment that I will find out what the MD wants to do about it in a few weeks

Then what I dread most about PT and knee surgery recovery. They take your knee and start forcing the bend to, lubricate the joint, work through scar tissue and increase rang of motion. This I can say hurts....every time the bend is forced, and it is forced about 10 times

so I have exercises to do and I do them regularly. It is how you recover from this and have knees that work.

Also, much to my surprise, and I don't know how this happened since I am not moving much, I have lot 10 pounds since the surgery.
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