PT 11 and 12

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PT 11, Pressure point message, ultra sound and heat. Actually walked out of there better than I walked in. Overall the knee seems to be getting better. However it rained a lot and that kept me off the lawn tractor and mower, both kill the knee. Also did not wear the sneakers and the only things I can wear at the moment are the Crocs or no shoes at all. That seemed to help a lot.

PT 12 Re-evaluation, Extension is good, flex is good, but a bit painful. Got new exercises that got me remembering some old exercises I use to do for training kicks and leg strength, and made me think standing in Santi Shi might be a good idea too.

New exercises; Basically stand on one leg and lift the other off the ground slightly, while keeping your hips level. And moving one leg sideways, out and back, while standing on one leg. Made me think of a drill I use to do.

Also working with training how to walk, swing opposite arm while stepping, and pushing off the toes of the back foot. Problem is, I don't walk that way and I don't think many martial artists do. That is walking as a controlled fall, and I read an article a few months ago, that I am sorry I cannot find, that discussed that from a martial artists POV. We don't walk that way, which is also why we don't trip or fall as much. We tend to walk from root to root, with balance, it is a controlled movement, without the fall, or a seriously reduced fall.

Knee is tired today from the exercises during the last PT visit. All I have done today is stretching. Tonight I will do all the exercises they gave me as well as work with the old, slow, kicking drill, and maybe even a bit of Santi Shi.
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