Pre PT this week - feeling a bit down

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Got a bit down about the knees this past weekend.

Friday, I had to use the push mower on an area that my wife and my nephew had missed, the grass was a foot high, and it was driving me nuts, It was a strip about 20 feet long and two push mower passes wide, behind some trees and against a wall.

I knew it would cause some problems, but it was more than I expected.

Saturday, June 20, 2020
Woke up in a bit of pain (right knee) in the knee that had the recent surgery. As the day progressed it got worse and favoring the right knee started to bother the left knee (pending surgery - I find out more on Tuesday) I did no PT exercises Saturday

Took 600mg of Ibuprofen before bed but both knees woke me up several times Saturday evening to

Sunday (June 21, 2020) morning. Got up Sunday morning, both hurt, but not to bad so as the morning progressed I decided to give the PT exercises a try. Thing felt OK for about 30 minutes afterwards.

Then the pain started and as time went on increased to a level that I have not had since a couple days after surgery. If the day after surgery was a pain level of 10, this was about 8.5. Started taking ibuprofen again 600mg every 6 hours. But it did not seem to help.

That is when I got depressed and started to think I will never walk normal again, my knees will never be right again and anything marital arts is over. I was even considering returning to using crutches just to get around the house

About 7:00pm Mrs Xue did acupuncture, by 8:00pm there was a marked difference, the pain had, and was subsiding.

Today, (June 22, 2020), they are not as good as they were last Friday, pre-mowing, but they are better than they were over the weekend. Also started stance training this morning, wuji and standing post, hopefully it is a beginning to get back the the CMA I want to do.

Have PT this afternoon and I meet with the MD tomorrow. Hopefully, I did no damage. And using the push mower is out for awhile. And the fact that it bothered my left knee so much was surprising, I know it has issues, but that much pain I have not gotten from it in a long time.
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