Knee Surgery...the other knee

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Sitting at home, nothing to do, can't exercise, can't train, so while I recover I will start the blog again to give me something to do,

Had knee surgery yesterday, meniscus repair and a repair for a lateral fracture of the tibia. Had meniscus repair on the left knee before, which is also a problem again, waiting for results of the MRI now. I was told the meniscus repair with the tibia repair would be more painful that just the meniscus. I didn't think it would be all that bad, last time all I needed for pain was 800mg Ibuprofen for a few days, did not take the other heavier duty pain med at all. The tibia repair was putting a needle in the bone and injecting a type of glue, how painful can that be?

Well, a lot actually. I tried just the 800mg Ibuprofen, but it was still causing much pain. Had to give in and take the Oxycodone/Actaminophen too, Throw in ice every 30 minutes and it is and it gets it to bearable. Over 24 hours later it is still the same.

Enough of that

Have some ideas of how to train when I can, in order to get back into martial arts when I can. while I am in recovery. Of course this all depends on what they tell me about the left knee, when had surgery last June and has been a problem since the first snow storm last November.

Going to work with Yang Taijiquan, the Cheng Manching version too. Looking to get much more into Sun style and if the knees work again I am returning to Xingyiquan as well.

But first is recovery, when the MD says its OK I will be in Physical Therapy and if the progresses well I am going to work with training kicks, but from the floor, from this video, since I have not worked with a lot kicks in a long time, and I will be working at strengthening the legs to get back into kicks.

This is the video.

I'm a fan of Sensei Ando

I was working with medicine-ball, dumbbells, total gym and Bowflex in my basement guan before the surgery and I have a workout I will do, once I can do stairs again, that does not put pressure on my legs.

Well, time for ice
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