Knee recovery - an ongoing process

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Recovery from aurthroscopic surgery, at least for me, is slow, but I am listening to the Doctor, for a change. Had to get into my 50s before I started that, by the way.

Been able to start doing some exercises on the TotalGym and the exercise bike. And working with Taijiquan short forms.

I was trying to work with Xingyiquan foot work to help the knee, but it did not seem to be doing much other than make the knee feel like it was swollen, when it wasn’t. So I decided to go back into my CMA closet and work with my Baguazhang that has been laying around getting dusty.

Been working with Baguazhang stepping and although I am not 100% sure, it seems to be helping.

Over my brief years in Baguazhang I learned 3 different major ways to step while walking the circle. One the mud walk, one more of a heal toe walk and one similar to the mud walk, but the foot does not actually stay on the ground. The leading stays about an inch off the ground, until the end of the travel.

I have been taking it slow and all walking is currently linear.

A short video that talks about basic Bagua stepping from Flying Tortoise Kung Fu School


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