Dang.... I am as old as I "think" I am

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I have to stop thinking I'm old

“If you start thinking you’re old subconsciously, your conscious mind is going to take hold of that and your body is going to start acting old, feeling old. Then you’re old.” - Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr (70 years old)

This is Sam Bryant at 70 - started working out at age 44

70-Year-Old Man’s Shockingly Muscular Body

I have had my share of health related issues the past few years and I have noticed that a result of all that is I has started regularly referring to myself as old and I recently, after another health scare that I thought was my heart, I realized I think of myself as old as well.

Luckily it was not my heart, still not sure what the problem is actually, but it is not the heart..... all this has made me rethink a few things, and one of those is training and what I need to do. Now after coming across Sam Bryant I have much more than I realized to consider

Moral is...you are as old as you think you are..... the mind is very powerful.... we need to use it wisely..
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