Anti-Bacon Rhetoric aside

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And hopefully I'm not whining.

Time to get serious about food, I have said on may occasions that I am returning to my almost vegetarian ways, and I have started, but then rapidly failed miserably. And when I eat meat, especially if I eat too much of it, I feel horrible. And I am realizing that what is too much for me is barely an appetizer for many

Saturday, I cooked the sausage, by Monday I had eaten all 5. I have eaten an entire ½ pack of (5) “aidells, All Natural, Chicken & Apple, Smoked Chicken Sausage”, and they are not small.

Add to that Saturday eating ham and Sunday eating chicken… this morning it all caught up to me. I felt horrible when I got up, everything hurt. Knee that had the surgery woke me up aching at 5:00am and kept hurting for 10 minutes after I got up. The knee let up and then the hip, that had the cortisone shot, started hurting from my hip to my shin. and it is still bothering me, just not as much. And now the knee that did not have the surgery is bothering me as well. And don’t get me started on how my stomach and head felt this morning.

Since my surgery I have not been able to do much in the way of exercise and I have been eating entirely wrong for me, not feeling well and gaining weight. I was getting some exercise in but then, just about 2 weeks ago, I hurt my back.

Mrs. Xue is not happy about my weight and eating habits, I'm not happy about it, the Physical Therapist thinks the added weight it is not helping and the doctor I see next week (about the knee) will tell me about it as well. And my GP will likely lecture me at my next physical if this keeps up. I am also guessing the cardiologist who kicked me out of his office for being too healthy a few years ago (I was pretty much a vegetarian then) would simply say welcome back if I walked into his office today.

Adding to this, there are foods that folks with Osteoarthritis, such as myself, should avoid. Most of those meat proteins, they cause joint inflammation in the arthritic.

I have to start getting serious and get the will power working again. Time to stop giving into the table full of cookies, candy and various forms of junk food that I see every time I leave my desk. Time to stop justifying the cookie because I at a salad. Also, time to stop eating a health lunch to justify eating an unhealthy breakfast and dinner.

The only exercise I have been able to do for a week now are the knee exercises, that is all. Last night was the first time in several days I was able to do the short Sun style taiji form and I started working on the CMC taiji form again, and so far, today I have managed a short walk (actually hobble)

So, I am starting down the vegetarian path again, going to work really hard to get back on it, and stay on it. Breakfast today was not great, but there was no sausage, and lunch was a lettuce, tomato, cucumber and humus sandwich and dinner this evening I am planning on a salad.

And I am finding none of this is as easy as it used to be, guess it comes with the territory when you are close to 60 than 55. But there are folks much older than I am that are in much MUCH better shape than I am (Sam 'Sonny' Bryant Jr. comes to mind), so if they can do it, so can I. And if I want to keep at some form of martial arts the rest of my life, and not spend most of it walking with a cane or riding in a wheelchair, I better start taking care of myself.

Why am I typing this all out? To put it down someplace where I can see it and use it to hopefully keep me on track. And to look at later when I have gotten to where I wanted to go, to keep me from backsliding.

Wish me luck.

Back to almost vegetarian and back to taijiquan, and if the knee ever straightens out and the hip lets up, possibly back to Baguazhang too… I’m done


Oh, and for all of you baconists out there, if it is any consolation, if I were starving and only had 2 foods to choose from; bacon or kale, I would likely eat bacon, before I’d eat kale. I don’t like either of them, but kale, IMO, is much worse than bacon….but I’m still not going to start eating bacon.

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