An Osteoarthritis tale... and I did it to myself

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No excuses, i was an idiot....And can't complain, because I did it to myself

Did not pay attention to what I was eating for the past 2 days and I was eating things I never eat. Had breakfast 2 days in a row, of Frosted mini-wheats (basically sugar coated cereal), have not had those in many many years, also had Ice cream on Sunday (more sugar) and followed that up with some potato chips (more salt). Monday breakfast, mini-wheats again (convinced myself the wheat bit was good for me, sugar be damned). Then headed off to work, a co-worker just got back from India and he brought in chocolate from Dubai, as well as some sort of treat from India. I had some of the Chocolate from Dubai (pretty much a truffle with a lot of sugar), then I went for the Indian thing (whichm as it turns out, is a rectangle of condensed sugar.) Then I started to think, I was way off my diet and needed to bring it back in. So...a cup of green tea, which was great....however finishing it off with Pretzels (salt to the power of 10) this was not so good, as a matter of fact it was very bad.

For the record I started noticing hip discomfort after the Dubai Chocolate, but that did not deter me from the Indian Sugar cubes. Noticed a little more issue about an hour after that.....but what the heck, I.ll have some tea...tea fixes everything..... Still feeling hip discomfort, what the heck, dive into the pretzels....and that is when the real pain began, within minutes of the pretzels walking became quite painful in my hips

Now something those with inflammatory joint issues should know (and I did know prior to the 2 day sugar coated salt feeding frenzy); 2 big things that one should avoid, if one has arthritis, sugar and salt, both are very good at causing inflammation. Well, apparently my brain took a couple of days off and I went nuts because I sure did not seem to remember that.

Result, by the time I got home from work last night, the hip pain was so bad that it took me 5 minutes to get from my car to my house (about 30 feet), got really hard going from the car to the door, no support to hold on to. Got in the house, brain was back by then, and I made salads for my youngest and myself for dinner, and then took about 800mg ibuprofen. After I went and sat down and it did not hurt when sitting, thought the ibuprofen was kicking in. Sat and relaxed for 30 minutes, got up, and literally could not walk due to pain, not even with a cane. Took me 5 minutes of standing there just to painfully move my left leg, but the right leg would have none of this silly moving stuff. To walk, for 15 minutes, I was pretty much dragging my right leg, while using the cane, and walking was still not easy. Finally thing began to loosen up and so I could walk almost normally, with a bit of pain, with a cane. Had to sit down to check something on the computer, decided I would only sit for a minute and get right back up to avoid the foot dragging. Nope, not gonna happen, all it took was a minute and I was right back to standing, trying to move, moving painfully while dragging my foot. That was my evening...until Mrs Xue arrived...

Well when Mrs Xue got home, after asking me what happened, and me being dumb enough to tell her exactly what I thought happend....she spent a good amount of time (about 30 minutes) telling me how stupid I was for doing this to myself. I however having absolutely no leg to stand on (figuratively and literally) to defend myself, sat and listened. After my scolding, she did acupuncture on me and I went to sleep.

Got up this morning, left hip not bad, right hip still not happy, but I could walk, almost immediately, with a cane, without the dragging foot. I'm being much MUCH more careful with the diet today, took ibuprofen right after my breakfast of wheat toast. And around about 12:00PM EST I was able to walk without the cane. Things are getting better, slowly.

However if I still can't sit to long, if i do, it hurts to stand, but nothing like last night. A few seconds and I am walking, without the cane

Moral, do not eat things you are not suppose to when you have something like arthritis, it will come back to hurt you....literally. And diet, is very, very important for everyone, doubly so if you have a health issue

But if there is an upside to this, I took today off from work to recuperate....time to go take more ibuprofen, later

Arthritis Foundation - foods to avoid with arthritis
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